Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Congratulations on discovering the affiliate program! is offering what we think is the most generous affiliate programs in the Canadian Bitcoin space.

Refer your friends, family, and fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts and you can earn yourself 50.00% of fees from your referrals' trades for the first 4 weeks after they sign-up. We'll credit it to your Quebex wallet as soon as we've verified that the user is 18 years old, a Canadian citizen, and a good fit for our site.

A Few Rules

While we trust that most users won't abuse the system, anyone who appears to be acting in bad faith will have their account suspended and lose access to all services.

  • Only one account per user
  • Referrals must complete verification to qualify
  • Referral links only work if they were the new user's first point of contact with the site
  • We may change the referral payout rate or terms at any time

Acceptable Use

As long as you aren't being deceptive when making referrals, or referring mobs of people with no interest in trading Bitcoins, your referral activity is likely to be considered legitimate.

Whether you prefer answering questions on Reddit about where to get bitcoin, posting one of our banners on your site, creating a Google / Bing / Facebook / LinkedIn / etc. ad, or mentioning it in your blog, your success and our success will likely be determined by the quality and character of your call to action.

If you spam Reddit every 5 minutes, you will harm Quebex's reputation and annoy your potential refferals.

Keep it classy!

Getting Started

If you know someone that buys bitcoin, send them your referral link (found on your Dashboard) today and claim your reward--before someone else does!

Sign up now to get your referral link and gain access to our marketing material.