Why Trust Quebex?

1. Our Licenses & Registrations

  • Registaire des entreprises Québec


    The Registaire des entreprises Québec is the government body responsible for managing businesses and Corporations registered in Québec. Registering a corporation requires a Canadian director and a business address. You can be sure that Quebex is more than just a website put up online by scary internet people. Quebex Fintech Inc. is a legitimate and legally recognized entity that is fully compliant with all Federal and Provincial laws.



    FINTRAC is the Canadian government's financial crime task force.
    Registration with FINTRAC requires a lengthy application and review. It also requires enhanced due diligence and effective policies be in place to reduce the incidence of fraud and other financial crimes.
    Money services businesses registered with FINTRAC are certainly held to a higher standard of care and vigilance than most other businesses, and exemplary compliance with their requirements is certainly reassuring.
    Confirm our registration here.

2. Our Partners

  • Equifax


    Equifax is one of the companies that are responsible for maintaining credit files on Canadians.
    Equifax's identification product is one of the techniques and technologies we use to maintain trust on the Quebex platform, and we're in good company.
    When you apply for a bank loan or credit card, there's a good chance that the business you're dealing with is going to rely on the data Equifax has on file.
    By aligning ourselves with industry leading knowledge providers we've made Quebex the most trustworthy trading platform available to Canadians.

  • PsiGate


    PsiGate is our gateway to Interac Online.
    Your banking information is important to you, and you obviously want it to stay safe on the internet. PsiGate will allow you to select your bank, then they will transfer you to your bank and allow you to complete payment there.
    Quebex never asks for your banking information, PsiGate doesn't need your banking information, and you you already trust your bank.
    Thanks to this process, using Interac Online is as secure as checking your balance online.

  • PayPal


    PayPal is the original "don't steal my information" internet payment solution. Although Bitcoins obviously offer benefits PayPal doesn't, PayPal still plays a part in eCommerce.
    Do you do freelancing jobs online and your PayPal account gets credited? We're here to help!
    We can convert your balance into wonderful Bitcoins!