Wondering if Mining Bitcoins is profitable?

Notes: Feb 1, 2016 difficulty was 120,033,340,651. Feb 1, 2017, difficulty was 392,963,262,344. Divide 392... into 120... and you get ~ 3.2738. (1+x/100)^12 = 3.2738. Therefore, the average compounded percentage growth over that 12 month span was 10.4%.

Bitcoin price (in CAD) was $517.47 on Feb 1, 2016. Price was $1,275.04 on Feb 1, 2017. That gives an average compounded growth over that 12 month span of 7.8%.

THESE ARE NOT PREDICTIONS, they are only a representation of the market over a 12 month span. Future performance may be better, but could very possibly be significantly worse, or negative.

For an explanation of what you can learn using this calculator, see the related news article.